Faraday 4798 - The Engineering Lodge


Lodge History

Faraday Lodge No 4798 owes its inception to a small group of enthusiastic brethren of various lodges who were engaged in electrical engineering in Woolwich, in south-east London, and because of the difficulties caused by the First World War, decided to meet locally from 1916 onwards. Eventually they formed themselves into the Faraday club, the name being derived from the cable laying ship SS Faraday with which the brethren had a close connection.  When the war ended the Faraday club continued to meet, its numbers grew, and the idea of forming a new lodge came under consideration. A petition was presented to the United Grand Lodge of England to grant a warrant for a new lodge, and, having acted on their advice that brethren other than those connected with the electrical trade should be included among its founding members, the Faraday lodge was launched on 19th June 1926.  This special interest engineering lodge to this day, still continues to connect those in engineering sectors to meet socially and to support charities.


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Initiates’ Dinner (A Younger Mason Speaks)

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